Rent a VPS

News: You can now view our OpenBazaar store on the web!


VPS rentals are now available in the Alpha test. To access the marketplace and rent a VPS, do the following:


  1. Download the OpenBazaar client and install it on your computer.
  2. Configure the client to use Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  3. Navigate to our test store by pasting this address into the OpenBazaar client:
  4. Fund your wallet with BCH. Here are some ways to get Bitcoin Cash (BCH):
    • If you just want to try out a rental, send a message to the store in the OpenBazaar client with your wallet address. We’ll send you $0.10 in BCH to try out rentals. Or you can ask on our Slack channel.
    • Use this web app to receive $0.10 in BCH for staring our project on GitHub.
    • You can get $0.10 in BCH from this BCH faucet.
    • You can purchase BCH on an exchange like CoinBase.
  5. Browse the listings and make a purchase. Use coupon code TESTING to drop the price of rentals to $0.01. The SSH login information is located in the ordering information in OpenBazaar after payment is made.
  6. Wondering what to do now? Start a webpage! Note: Most VPSs provide 64GB of storage, which can be accessed in the /media/storage directory.


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