This project is brand new and is still in the very early stages of development. The good news is that the technology stack needed to turn the vision into reality has already been identified. It’s simply a matter of connecting the pieces and developing a user interface.

If you are an experienced JavaScript programmer, we could use your help! We can reimburse developers with equity in future income. Check out the RPi Broker Project Page for details on how to contribute.


Project Highlights


Here’s what has been accomplished so far:

  • High Level Specification Document has been created that discusses the technology stack and flow mechanics of how the marketplace will operate.
  • User Experience Stories have been developed to capture the details of the user interface. HTML mockups for the various Views described in this document are currently being developed.
  • The core technology of this project is Reverse SSH. A Dockerfile is currently being developed to act as an SSH router to connect renters to the devices.
  • The server/ directory is formatted as a site template for ConnextCMS. This will contain the website files that will make up the marketplace and user dashboards (the web app).
  • Mockups have been created for the following views:


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