Permissionless Computing is a new idea that was not possible before the creation of cryptocurrencies. Even in today’s modern world of cloud computing, providers can still cut off or deny any customers access. Governments can surveil and read any account. The P2P VPS network has no central access point to control or censor.

And while centralized systems are efficient, a distributed network can be more efficient. Permissionless computing opens the door to models that have previously been impractical. Automated software applications, provisioned with a cryptocurrency wallet, can spin up clones of itself for load balancing, without human intervention. Content can be evenly deployed across the globe based on the geographical location of nodes. VPN and Tor nodes could be rapidly deployed and then deleted, greatly improving online privacy. The 5 billion unbanked of the world, armed with nothing more than smart phones, could setup and access their own web server for blog and file hosting.


API Driven Deployment

Because of the permissionless nature of the P2P VPS protocol, a fully API driven design is possible. At the core of every P2P VPS server is an open REST API. This allows users to search, filter, rent, and deploy VPSs using only the API, without permission from a human.

Devices on the network can be searched and filtered, based on metrics such as hard drive space, internet speed, up time (reliability), or geographical location. The rental and deployment of new VPSs can be completely automated.




  • VPN Tunnel
  • Private messaging
  • Tor exit node
  • DNS server
  • Continuous Integration & Testing
  • Deploying content




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