The network is down! I’ve been heads-down coding for the last few weeks and the refactor of the P2P VPS Server software is complete. However, much work is still to be done with the new Server Deployment code, so it is not recommended that you rent or subscribe devices to the network at this time.

If you are a JavaScript developer and want to follow along with the code changes. Be sure to star our GitHub repository! Here is a breakdown of what I’ve been working on:

Additionally, the old server contained both the front end and back end. The new server contains just the API and database (the back end). The front end has been split off into its own repository: p2pvps-dashboard2. That repository is a Vue.js project based on vue-loader. Splitting the back end and front end makes it easier to manage, and it makes it easier for front end and back end developers to contribute.

The last piece of the puzzle is the Server Deployment repository: server-deployment2. Specifically, I need to refactor the Listing Manager. I’ll announce on the blog and the mailing list when the network is back up.

There is growing interest in the P2P VPS project. Up to this point, all the code was written quickly and loosely. The project was in a ‘prototype phase’. But the project is entering a new phase, one where it needs to grow a community around it, and solicit code contributions from that community. I felt that now was the best time to put the infrastructure in place to scale with that kind of community, before the code-base got much bigger.

I talked a bit about the design decisions in the last blog post. Going forward, I am taking a lot of inspiration from the Node.js project and specifically this article written by Mikeal Rogers. 

Thank you again for your interest in the P2P VPS project! Stay tuned. The future is bright.

-Chris Troutner



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