I promised several people that I would announce on the blog when the network is back up. Well, it’s back up!

The Rent a VPS instructions page has been updated to reflect the new OpenBazaar store address. It also points out several of the ways in which you can fund your wallet with a little Bitcoin Cash in order to test out the rentals. As always, you can ask us on our Slack channel, and we’ll be happy to send you some.

Rentals are currently set at $0.30 per day. But be sure to use coupon code TESTING to drop the price to $0.01.

And of course, once you rent a VPS, the next natural question is: ‘What do I do with it?’. Serve a web page of course!

Renewals are not working on the new server yet. Please, be bear with us, the server software has been completely re-written and is essentially starting over from scratch. If you’re a JavaScript developer, we’d love some help. Check out the GitHub repository and say ‘Hi!’ on our Slack channel. Speaking of the GitHub repository, a lot of the old server code will be retired in order to make it clear that people should use the new p2pvps-server2┬ácode.

For the brave, the network is accepting new devices, but the UI and instructions are a little clunky. You can create an account on the new dashboard at p2pvps.net. Then load the client software on a Raspberry Pi or a Virtual Machine (VM). If you get stuck, ask for help on the Slack channel.

Let’s decentralize the internet!





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