• Earnings Tracking – The Owned Devices Dashboard now displays the total money earned by each device.
  • Fixed persistent storage in VM – There was an issue with VM persistent storage not getting wiped between rental sessions. This is now fixed.
  • 1 Day Rentals – Rental periods have been increased from 1 hour to 1 day.
  • ‘TESTING’ coupon – You can now use the word TESTING in the OpenBazaar store to reduce your rental cost to $0.01.
  • NewTech Conference – P2P VPS presented at the NewTech PDX conference in Portland, Oregon. It was a huge success. You can watch the presentation here.
  • Explored CMS/API Server Software – The current server is based on KeystoneJS, which has issues. Over the last month I evaluated Strapi and this Koa Boilerplate, and ultimately decided that the Koa Boilerplate is the best software to work with over the long term.
  • Created P2P VPS Server v2 based on the Test Driven Design (TDD) methodology.
  • P2PVPS.net has an improved navigation menu working with VPS’s on the network.


Future Focus

  • Server Software – Recreating the P2P VPS Server in Koa, using TDD, is going to take some time. We estimate I’ll spend most of the next month on this task.
  • GitHub Issues – GitHub issues will be an important tool the developer community over the long-term. We’re making more of an effort to use it.
  • Port Clusters – After the server software has been developed, the next focus feature is to add clusters (5-10) of ports to the P2P VPS Client. These are ports that would SSH tunnel to the server and present those ports to the internet. This feature will be key in allowing dapps and peer-to-peer applications, like OpenBazaar or LBRY, to run on VPSs.



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