The P2P VPS project has been put on hold. I was hired by in September 2018 to help them with their platform. I eagerly took this position because P2P VPS needs a lot of the technology that is pioneering in order to move forward.

However, P2P VPS is too ambitious of a project to continue with a single developer as a part-time hobby. I have successfully proven out the technology and prototyped all the core infrastructure.

The next step is obtain financing and build a business around this technology. I would love to communicate with any entity that is interested in moving forward with this technology.

I’ve been in contact with a laptop company in Cambodia that is interested in loading P2P VPS client on their devices so that customers can rent them out at night, when the laptops are not being used by the owner. I have spoken with other similar groups and potential technology partners, but so far no one who can finance this project to get it production-ready.

Until conventional financing can be found, I am putting my efforts into the Permissionless Software Foundation. This project will self fund with a cryptocurrency token, and P2P VPS will be rolled into the organization as a long-term goal.


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