We’ve hit Alpha! It’s rough, but it’s functional. This demo walks through the user experience of both Renters and Device Owners.

The repository is also officially moving: https://github.com/P2PVPS

The software demonstrated in this video will be ported to two servers in the near future:

p2pvps.com will be the ‘production’ server. People will be able to rent out devices using Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

p2pvps.net will continue to be the ‘test’ server. That will let people use the Bitcoin (BTC) testnet to rent out test devices. Bitcoins on the testnet are free. Just google ‘bitcoin testnet faucet’.

Using the Bitcoin testnet, people will be able to use the ‘official’ OpenBazaar application to access it. They won’t need to use the unofficial version I show in this demo. The test server will move over to Bitcoin Cash or Zcash, once they are officially supported by OpenBazaar.


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