About P2P VPS

P2P VPS aspires to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace offering Virtal Private Servers (VPS), similar to Digital Ocean or Vultr. This would also be similar to co-location services like Raspberry Pi Hosting or Mythic Beasts. However, instead of using a data center, the marketplace would use a network of personal computers and IoT devices (like the Raspberry Pi) hosted by people participating in the marketplace. Anyone with an internet connection and a device capable of running Docker can rent that device in the P2P VPS marketplace.

While the applications of such a network are similar, the real focus of P2P VPS is to create a decentralized network of anonymous web servers, capable of delivering websites or web apps, in order to prevent censorship and promote free speech.

Members participating in the marketplace can earn cryptocurrency by renting out their device, while helping to create a more decentralized internet at the same time. In this way, the P2P VPS software is censorship-fighting software related to, but very different from, Tor.

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