What is a VPS?

It’s virtual: A linux server abstracted from hardware.

It’s private: you get it all to yourself.

It’s a server: It is connected to the internet and can serve webpages.

How is P2P VPS different?

VPSs on the network are hosted by normal people. There is no data center.

Speed and reliability are lower than a centralized VPSs. P2P VPS makes up for these deficits in the following ways: cost is far lower, censorship and government snooping is much less likely, and anonymity greater. When the software is fully developed, a simple API will allow any application to rent and deploy additional computing resources on-the-fly. These qualities open up new markets in the VPS space.

How do I earn cryptocurrency with my computer?

Follow these instructions to install the P2P VPS client code on your computing device. You’ll need to create an account on P2PVPS.net and register your device in the Device Dashboard. You will earn cryptocurrency in exchange for renting out your computing resources (CPU, Memory, Hard drive space, and internet connection) to the network.

Notice: P2P VPS is currently in Alpha release. That means the code is still unstable. So only daily rentals are available while we iron out the final bugs. You probably won’t make much cryptocurrency on the market right now, but we’d sure love you to try out the software and give us feedback!

Why would someone use a VPS?

Short Term Applications:

  • VPN Tunnel
  • Private messaging
  • Tor exit node
  • DNS server
  • Continuous Integration & Testing
  • Deploying content

Long Term Applications:


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